Baby First Words. Matching Educational Puzzle Games for Toddlers and Preschool Kids by Abby Monkey® Learning Clubhouse App Reviews

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What a great way to learn!

Love this app!

This is my first review and I've had my iPad for 2 years. It has NO advertisements! My 2 year old loves it! I do not give my toddler much tv or tablet time at all but I have no problem letting her play this app. The puzzles each change after they are completed, which is neat. And it's got several language options. Definitely recommend!!

The kids love this app!

This is a great app to have for the kids! My toddler girls both love it and I love that the different sets cover so many basic first words that are categorized. 2 thumbs up!

5 stars!

This is my favorite app to open for the kids! They really enjoy it and I know they are learning so much. My personal favorite feature about this app is the parental locks, the best!!!

Not overly complicated and fun

I've tried a few of these apps when I taught preschool and found them to be much too complicated for the children who would get frustrated and stop playing. This app on the other hand is fantastic because it's simple enough that they don't get frustrated yet the games change the games rotate there are plenty of different words and really kids like playing with it perfect for pre-K!

It doesn't get better than this. Great app!

This app is all about words and learning them through many different matching games! My child is always learning some new on a daily basis and as a father my priority is my child's well being and learning! My son and I have spent countless hours playing and learning with this app to where even he can sound out more words now! Amazing! The app is very user friendly and interactive straight away from the main screen. I even really liked that you can pick different languages such as french and even spanish that parents can change to if needed. My child loved when he would match different items in different categories and was praised for his correct matches. Great app every little child should have and experience!

Awesome App!!!

This app is awesome for small children! The app speaks the instructions to the many games provided in the app and has commentary. The app is simple so small children can press the buttons and learn! Overall very good app!

Highly Recommended!

I am a mom of 2 kids. I downloaded this game to keep my children busy and educative at the same time. I like the way the game is easy to use and understand. The voice tutor makes everything simple for me. All I do is put on the game and hand over the phone to the kids. They listen to the voice tutor and do what they are told to do. The way the game is organized makes it easy for the children to learn new things. Thanks to this game, my kids now know names of fruits, toys, animals, shapes and many other things I wouldn't have taught them myself.

My daughter loved it!

My daughter will be turning 2 years old in May and has never used an iphone app before. I was looking for something to keep her entertained that didn't include messing with my clash of clans game. She loves it! I expected to have to get a lifeproof case before letting her use ANY app on my phone but this app kept her calm!

Super fun, my son loves it!!

I'm excited to find a kids game that my son actually enjoys to play! He loves the bright colors and the animals, I love that he doesn't get frustrated while playing it! Best parental lock features I've seen yet. These guys really thought this through!

Super Smart New Favorite Game!

I am a mom and educator with two energetic kids of my own ages 2 & 3 yrs old. It's FANTASTIC to finally find a game that can hold their attention while teaching and encouraging them to learn at the same time! My favorite feature is, I simply open up the app and hand them my phone because the lightening fast speed, glitch-free & hassle-free gaming experience enables my kids to start playing instantly! We recently took a road trip & I credit this game for getting me & my husband through it! We enjoyed listening to the kids play & learn fun lessons all the way there! I recommend downloading it and rate it a 5 STAR GAME!

Appreciated !

I have a little boy of 30 months old. Recently he started to learn some letter and also can write. From some days I was looking for an app on which he can learn through. I download 'Baby First Words' and I am very appreciated to get such as ideal app for my little boy. It's a fully funny educational puzzle game which is easier to learn new words. I tested this app and finally very happy to have it. Great!

Great app

My 21 month old picked right up on this game. I showed him 2 times how to drag the pictures over to match them up and after that he was matching the entire board by himself! I was truly amazed how fast he caught on.


I downloaded this for my 2 year old nephew and he absolutely loves it. I'm amazed at how great he's getting at matching the pictures and he claps for himself and has a huge smile as the game cheers him on. Great game, great fun, great learning tool!

Great Simple Teaching Tool

This app is great if you want to help your child understand colors, shapes, or objects better and learn the names of them of course. The app is completely unisex so both genders can enjoy it equally. It's simple for a young child to use. Just tap the card and match it with the picture! Have fun and learn at the same time.

A Great App for Kids

My daughter absolutely love this app. From the homepage interface to the matching games to the finish the picture. This app keeps her attention and is a great learning tool for her. I'm glad I found this app and I think my daughter is too. The way she uses this to learn and play is great and she enjoys using this app. From a parents point of view, this is one of those apps you don't have to worry a boy you child getting tired of. It's innovative, easy to use and full of learning options.

An innovative and creative toddlers App!

Very colorful, a great app that provides excellent learning utilities to teach children their nouns, such as colors, animals, and more. The sound produces a fun experience that engages children and keeps a steady sense of direction and reward for doing a good job. It also uses a straightforward process of repetition to get the information in their head with positive reinforcement. A recommended app to parents who want a good app that can teach well!

Fun for small children

My daughter is 3 and really enjoyed this. I downloaded about 10 of these type of games and she always comes back to this one, might be the giraffe on the icon :). The game has great sound effects and audio readings for the variable items kids encounter throughout the game/tool. Lots of things to keep your child entertained and learning for hours.

My son loves it!

I downloaded this for my four year son to occupy his time. He Ioves it! He has tons of apps on his iPad but hasn't stopped using this one over the last week. I checked it out. The animals and foods have great graphics. I highly recommend it. A++++

Great for kids to use to learn!

This is a really good visual way to help kids learn easily and its very interactive which is cool too. Good work!

Lovely games for the little ones

I was pleasantly surprised at this app. It features 3 mini games and 12 thematic categories of words. Children learn names of vegetables, fruit, household items, and many other things. My toddler had fun playing and learning new words with it. I think that lots of parents will also welcome the possibility to use the app in other languages. Great app to try!


Baby First Words has all that I am looking for in the app and more. There are fun educational games and my children have no problem navigating the app on their own. I would highly recommend this to any parents looking for high quality apps that teach first words.

Helped my kid!

I like this nice little app. It got my little kid's eye on it with its cute cartoons and interesting activities for kids towards education. Nicely done. Thanks!

Great for learning!

I was looking for a nice little app for my 26 month old. This app is perfect for learning matching, colors, shapes, animals and so much more! I love how strait forward it is and I really think my daughter is learning!

Fun learning app

Neat little app that has a wide variety of activities for kids! The matching game was my little sister's favorite when it comes to learning new vocab. Pretty good way to introduce new words especially if you want your kid to be bilingual.

Nice words game

Really awesome game.this game is very much suitable for kids.its an educational puzzle game.

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